What's New in PIM this March

Our latest PIM update is packed with improvements and minor bug fixes. 

Improvements and Features

* Large Inspection reports that are too big to email can now be easily downloaded via the PIM Web Online Account Dashboard to your desktop/PC.

* For PIM Premium Offices with multiple licences, we’ve added the ability to share multiple inspections and to delete multiple shared inspections. This makes the Sharing inspection process much faster.

* When using PIM Multi Shot.you now have the option to select photos from iPad Photo Library.

* Added support for multiple Inspector Email Addresses. Reports can now be emailed to multiple recipients separated by a comma. i.e pm@company.com, pmassist@company.com .

* Select photos to include in your Cleaning/Maintenance Reports by toggling the 'Include in Maintenance' flag in PIM Multi Shot. 

* Added ability to delete multiple Inspections.

* Added ability to reset or empty the Lease Start and Expiry Dates.

* Added ability to customise PIM settings for Commercial Property Inspections via Settings > Advanced Setup. and also when prompted during a fresh PIM install.


* Fixed an issue when using Preview Inspection on larger reports under v3.2.7.

* Fixed issue with uploading large xls files for REST v14 via the PIM Web Online Account Dashboard.

* Fixed list of Cleaning Templates not refreshing properly.

* Fixed issue with sending Inspections to Chintaro.

* Fixed 'Send Photo' option not working sometimes and updated final alert.

* 'Send Photo' email address now auto-populates to current Inspector.

* Fixed issue where Import button may not appear sometimes.

* Relaxed PropertyID/Alpha being required when determining eligibility for update when importing properties. Particularly for GeeDee users this means new inspections based on an existing property in PIM will include updates to Inspection Dates, Tenant details, rental amounts etc.

As always, please ensure you have iCloud turned on to back up your iPad regularly. 


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