Please note that as part of the Import process it will automatically determine which properties exist in the Property Inspection Manager and not double up properties on subsequent imports. Also only the basic details such as property address, owner, rent amount, rent type, key number will import.

STEP 1: Within the Property Inspection Manager App

Make sure you have completed the following steps under Settings in the App.


Set the Correct Template for the Property Size as the Default - Select Settings > PIM Admin > Property Profile Manager > ??

Importing from Console involves (1) exporting the properties from Console and (2) downloading these files onto the iPad and Property Inspection Manager.

STEP 2: Within Console

  • Click on Reports Menu and then Files
  • On Report Type choose Property
  • Click Customise
  • Untick 'Include Inactive Properties' (Under the Filter section) - This will exclude all Inactive properties
  • Click the OK Button
  • Click the OK Button
  • The report will now appear on your screen. This can take several minutes to generate if you have a large number of properties entered into Console.
  • Click on Export to File icon located next to the Export to Email icon at the top of screen.
  • You will be prompted for a file type to export to.
  • Choose Comma-Separated values (CSV) from the drop down menu
  • Click the OK Button
  • When prompted save file to a location on your computer hard drive e.g your PC's C:\ or local Desktop
  • Name the file e.g PG-Console-Property.csv (where PG are your own initials)
  • Choose .CSV as the file extension type and select Save
  • Open your PC File Explorer (or Windows Explorer) and navigate to that directory to see the generated file.
  • At this stage you may wish to rename this file to reflect when the export was performed ie PG-Console-Property-11012015.csv which shows the file was exported on 11th January 2015. This may help when you need to perform subsequent exports and also distinguish your import files for Step 3.
  • Finally, click on the following link and attach the Console CSV file - Support for CONSOLE. Once you have received the file back from Property Inspection Manager Support you can proceed to Step 3.

STEP 3: Almost there! Open the Property Inspection Manager iPad app

  • Before continuing, ensure you have completed all of Step 1.
  • Also ensure your Property Profiles have been setup accordingly. Visit here for more information on how to setup your Property Profile (also known as the property layout)
  • Click the Imports tab area.
  • Turn your iPad device so it is in landscape.
  • Click the Refresh button  in the bottom left corner. A box will appear, click Ok to starting downloading the files.
  • Once the file is processed it should automatically display and select the properties assigned to the Property Manager using the iPad (the Default Inspector on the iPad). If you wish to view all properties which form part of this Import file, simply choose Show All Properties.
  • In the top right corner, select the Action button Property Inspection Manager Arrow and then select  Import Selected or Import All. This will begin creating the new properties (as selected) in Property Inspection Manager. Wait a few moments and when finished all your properties will now be available in the Inspections tab area.

On subsequent imports into Property Inspection Manager, if the underlying data has changed, ie new rental amounts or new Owner in Console, Property Inspection Manager will not automatically process that new information. Instead this information will need to be manually changed for that property when this data changes.


Any problems or questions please Contact Property Inspection Manager Support.